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Beware that the locksmith you choose is licensed in the state that they operate in and is licensed by that state. The yellow pages and internet have thousands of ficticious listings, choose a local locksmith before you may need one. Get their information and program it into your cell phone so you have it if or when you need it so that you don't get scammed. 

The local scammers listings are usually addresses that don't exist, at that location, and go to call centers with unqualified personal always ask to see their locksmith license they must have it with them. If they can't produce one, they may be the ones that will scam you, don't use their service and call someone that has a license. There are no Locksmiths in NJ, we know of, that have 12 or 16 locations that are ligitimate. 

I have checked many of these locations they are false addresses like; parking lots, deli's, old school buildings, parking lots, houses, wooded lots, UPS mail drops. Also check for non local three number prefixes (329) 0000 where they seem to be 1 or 2 numbers a part on the last 4 digits these all go to call centers using unqualified illegal undocumented  alien locksmiths without proper training except fraud. 

When you find a misrepresentation, call the telephone company and let them know. Call the Better Business Bureau (BBB) and the Division of Consumer Affairs. Get as much information you can to file a complaint with consumer affairs, tech's name, company name & address, trucks license number with photo's where possible. 

Get the proposed work estimate in writing, to gurantee the prices they will be charging, before they do any work for you. Or they may inflate the prices that you were quoted over the phone, this is how they will rip you off. Most legitimate locksmiths can give you a fair estimate on the phone unless you have more than you asked about.      

DO NOT let them intimidate you with the police, if you feel uncomfortable, you call the police first to verify their license and their business address and business license.  

To avoid being taken advantage of when trying to find a locksmith, do your research before hand and find a local locksmith, and program him into your cellphone before you are left out in the cold and cheated or over charged. 

I have included below sites you can verify their status and a complaint form for NJ to print out. To send to the licensing board, take pictures of them, their work, Vehicles including license plate if you can. When they leave and make sure you get their names and driver license number if possible. Make sure you get a bill with their address and phone number on it imprinted not just written on it.     

This site will give you the national complaint sites just pick out your state here.      

Here are some of the various scams recorded by our national association (ALOA) nation wide here.    

If you think you have been cheated or taken advantage of by the company you called press on the link below to file a complaint with NJ Consumer affairs. If you think it needs to be done stop payment on the check or credit card also notify the company of what you have done if they refuse to correct the problem quickly and professionaly.      
For our clients information if they deal with fictictious locksmiths, or have been cheated, you can see these complant forms at: The Department of Law and Public Safety, Division of Consumer Affairs, NJ with photo copys of your bills and pictures of what they have done. Fill them out keeping a copy and all origional documents for your copy of the complant.        

If you have questions reguarding other licensed locksmiths in New Jersey you can search for them here.

If you have questions reguarding other licensed locksmith businesses in New Jersey you can search for them here.

If you are looking for licensed locksmiths belonging to the MLANJ (Master Locksmith Association of New Jersey) they have the information here.

If you are in south Jersey look into SJLA (Locksmith Association) here. 

If you are in western NJ and PA check out the GPLA (Greater Philadelphia Locksmith Association) here. 

If you are in North Jersey check out NJMLA (North Jersey Locksmith Association) here.

I am also a qualified forensic locksmith to aid in investigating various criminal activities at your location. We have done work for various insurance companies and lock manufacturers. I am a member of the (International Association of Investigative Locksmiths) here (

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Make sure that the Locksmith in NJ is licensed and you see their licenses also the name of the licensed company is on their vehicle and invoices. Phillipsburg Locksmith NJ, locksmith Phillipsburg NJ

I have been a LOCKSMITH in business in the Warren County in NJ and Northampton County in PA, since 1970 and only Master Locksmith in Warren County NJ we are also Forensic locksmiths in the areas that we cover avaiable to police departments and insurance companies and attorneys for a fee.